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He Arose

He Arose

He could have called in Legions

of Angels to His side

to take Him from that cruel cross—

with His Father then abide.

But that was not His mission,

He knew what He must do

to die for all the sins of man—

save the souls of me and you.

He was more than just a carpenter,

or Mary and Joseph’s son

who came to live as common man

until His work was done.

His miracles were many,

but still some would deny

the prophesied Messiah—

they called for Him to die.

Disciples would betray Him—

He knew that Judas lied,

and in His wisdom, He foretold

how He would be denied.

And in the Garden, as He prayed,

some would seek His doom

calling on the soldiers

to detain in dungeon’s gloom.

He chose to take the punishment,

the nails in hands and feet.

He chose to suffer tortures,

the Father told Him He must meet.

 He hung with lowly thieves of men,

degraded and defamed

tho’ the title, “King of Kings”

was His true and holy name.

He rose from cold and darkened tomb,

and ascended into Heaven—

from that day, we know He lives,

and our sins are all forgiven.

So, don’t tell me He was just a man,

a prophet of those days

who walked the earth in pauper’s clothes—

from Jewish Law He strayed.

I know He lives—works miracles,

His Holy Spirit’s in my heart.

I know each day, He walks with me,

and He’ll never once depart.

I know there is a Promised Land

without pain, sin, or pride,

and there I’ll walk with Jesus—

eternally by His side.

Now, we celebrate this Easter,

in the wondrous spring season,

for we know His resurrection

truly is the reason.

Easter Lilies

Tamara Hillman

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