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The Model T Ford by Gerald R Hill
by Gerald R Hill

The Model "T" Ford was the absolute rage
When my father was a little boy.
To ride in one for the very first time
A bit scary, but still quite a joy.
The Jeffers Model T Ford
The general opinion of most people then
Was, that darn thing will never last.
It cannot stand up to a reliable horse
And will soon be a thing of the past!"

As time went on, the Model "T" Ford
Become more then the sceptics would seem.
Forty miles per hour was the average top speed,
It was truly a miraculous dream.

Model T Fords

Horse drawn wagons and simple backboards
Were all Dad had every known.
It would be some time, later in life,
When a car he one day would own.

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The first family car that I can recall
In my youth was a 36 Ford.
Maybe it wasn't the fanciest car,
But it was all my Dad could afford.

The years have gone by, and styles have changed,
And the prices have really soared;
But we'll always remember where it began,
With the fabulous Model "T" Ford.
The fabulous Model T Roadster

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